Sunday, August 21, 2016

Preparing Your Kids And Teenagers To Thrive In The New School Year…

Over the summer I’ve written some blog posts around anxiety, social exclusion, and self-esteem in kids and teenagers.

These are personal topics for me and also ones I continually run across when I talk to clients of kids in my hypnosis practice.

If you worry about the approaching new school year and how your child or teenager will fare, then you’re not alone.

Despite the heightened awareness of these issues in our schools it’s still a jungle for many kids and teenagers each day. My own experiences and research has focused on how best we can help our kids thrive in this environment. That was the impetus for me writing and sharing these posts.

Let me introduce each of these posts to you and provide a link to the full article where you can also find additional resources.

I’m hoping they’ll be something useful for any parent of children and teenagers in one or more of these articles..

1. How to Instill High Self-Esteem in your Kids:

Many kids today suffer from low self-esteem. Low self-esteem undermines the ability to communicate effectively, rationally and assertively. As a parent or guardian our own self-esteem impacts greatly those for whom we care. While we may not want to hear it, a child’s low self-esteem can be a direct cause of our interactions with them.

This article covers topics of depression and anger on self-esteem, the importance of quality interactions with our kids, and a better path for the family to support kids experiencing self-esteem issues.

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2. Kids feeling Socially Excluded:

Nature can be brutal and rejection of an animal by its Mother or from its pack or herd can be fatal for the survival of the animal.

But when it comes to humans our expectation is no child or kid is excluded. But we’re all vulnerable growing-up and frankly kids and teenagers can behave badly towards each other, especially when it comes to social interactions and acceptance.

I have three kids of my own and getting each of them through the teenage years to adulthood has been different for each one. As any parent knows at some point your kid will experience social exclusion at some level. Preparing them ahead of time to deal with this is part of being a parent.

This article covers bullying, how to talk to your kids on these matters, and some advice on how to get beyond words if you need to seek further help.

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3. Generalized Anxiety Disorder (G.A.D.) in Kids & Teenagers:

More kids are being diagnosed or labeled with having mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety. It also appears that generalized anxiety disorder is truly becoming more prevalent in younger kids and teenagers. Why?

What’s going on here?

Are more kids being born with brain and neurological deficiencies or abnormalities which is leading them to becoming ‘anxious’, or is it more of a sociological phenomenon which is leading to psychological problems? Or is it, as some suggest, all to do with our diets of processed foods?

In this post I explore what is G.A.D., the debate over why it’s prevalent, and treatments available including pharmaceuticals to help overcome it.

Read the full article here >>>

Let me know if the information in any of these articles helped.

Erika Slater CH
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