Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Three ways to natural anti-aging… no tricks

There’s a lot of bad press about wonder products that leave your bank account "empty" and your body "flat out of years."

No snake oil I promise, no expensive facial cremes or surgery. Just some information to make you think.

Believe it or not there are Doctors and scientists in the world dedicated to understanding how we age and discovering if we can slow it down or stop it altogether. Their goal is to increase our life expectancy to 130+years!

The fact is you don’t have to wait for their research or studies to provide answers because there are some simple things we know today that can slow our aging process and they’re all natural.

Want to know what the big three are? Read on…

Now first, living to 130+years of age brings its own set of problems such as what is the real retirement age and how much money do you need for a retirement this long? Yikes!

I’m not an economist so if it’s okay with you I’ll gloss over this reality and instead assume that an extra decade or two of youthful life would suit you fine if you knew what you had to do and it is achievable for mortal.


Unlike your pre-historic ancestors, you’re not going to be eaten by a sabre tooth tiger so “flight or fight” isn’t a daily concern for you.

The bad news though is we’ve all got a little lazy – me included. Most people’s exercise these days consists of walking to the car from the house for their daily commute and doing the same on returning home.

Our body needs us to take care of it and so a little exercise each day goes a long way. 15-20 minutes a day walking at your own pace is good enough to start. Also, perform some exercises each day that improve your flexibility and help with muscle tone. Keep it simple.

Your body benefits from being “pushed” a little. Breaking sweat is enough but you set your own exertion level. Okay here’s the disclaimer… see your doctor first before entering any exercise program if you’ve been “dormant” for a while… like years.


Garbage in… Garbage out. The fuel we put in our bodies needs to be top grade and of our choice and not what the food industry wants us to eat to swell their profits and please Wall Street.

Our bodies age quickly if all we pump into it are sugars, carbohydrates and processed foods full of chemicals only spelling bees can get their tongues around. It’s okay to have a “few sins” such as a pasta meal occasionally or a cookie to close a meal.

Just not every day, right?

If getting and sticking to good nutrition is a “bridge too far” for you based on past experiences… then you’ll like this last final aging deterrent to help you over the bridge…


I’ve saved the best for last… and its mindset.

Mindset is all about your attitude and what you think. If you crave only sitting on the couch or eating unhealthy body fuel, then you just have to realize you’re making a choice to be susceptible to disease. What’s needed is a different perspective on exercise and food.

Getting the right mindset means in time you’ll look forward to exercise and find the time to do it consistently. Getting the right mindset means in time choosing healthy food alternatives will be natural to you.

So how do you get this mindset?

Well you can read books about it – Jamie Smart’s books "The Little Book of Clarity" and most recently "Results" explain what is going on and how to think different and then use this information to achieve the results you want.

If you hate reading self-help books, then hypnosis will help install the mindset to get you on the path to natural aging and enjoying exercise on the right diet for you.

There are self-hypnosis products you can purchase or you can skip all that and see a local hypnotherapist to kick-start the new YOU.

I’ve written an article at our blog about Natural Anti-Aging and Turning Back the Clock to Feel Younger here >>> 

If you look at photos of yourself today or catch a glimpse in a mirror and don’t care for what you see, then go beyond the expensive cosmetic products and start making foundational changes to your mindset to help reduce and reverse your aging… and start today.

Let me know how you enjoyed this email.

Erika Slater CH
Free At Last Hypnosis

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