Thursday, October 22, 2015

Pattern Interrupt - Overcoming Your Habits

Our habits are all about patterns. Patterns are learned either consciously or subconsciously. Many of our patterns are forged early in life or happen because of an event.

There are good patterns and bad. Bad patterns tend to keep us doing things that are not good for us or stop us progressing. I help people with bad patterns.

Old patterns die hard. When breaking a pattern the words you chose are critical, and it tends to be why most people fail. They words they use for instance may be "I'm not going to smoke." However, the subconscious skips over the negatives and instead focuses on the word smoke. This is interpreted as - "Oh you want to smoke - no problem, let's do it."

There's a little more than that going on in the mind but you get the basic drift.

Pattern interrupt is a technique used in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and used to break habits or consciously stop you doing something you're trying to remove from your life.

You can perform Pattern Interrupt on yourself but it requires you to have a high awareness level. You need to catch yourself doing the habit you want to stop - maybe you continually berate yourself damaging your self-esteem and confidence. Hands up if you do this? Yes, me too!

Once you become aware you're berating yourself you stop in mid-stream and do a 360-degree and instead of berating yourself you start positive talk about yourself. Simple example but you get the idea.

Oh, that sounds hard, you say.

Yes it is. As I said you have to be in tune with your thoughts almost constantly - waiting to pounce on those negative words to yourself.

But there is an easier way to break these patterns, and its using hypnosis.

If you're interested in discovering more about Patterns and how they're formed and more importantly options to overcome them then I've written an article called Pattern Interrupts - Breaking the Habit which you can check out here >>>

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Erika Slater CH
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