Sunday, November 29, 2015

What Are Mental Blueprints and Can They Be Changed?

Today I want to talk about mental blueprints.

Most of us know about DNA from a genetic sense and that certainly influences a good part of our lives from a physiological perspective, and I've come to think of DNA as our body blueprint.

However when talking about mental blueprints you can in one sense think of them as DNA for our soul. The main difference being that unlike genetic DNA we can influence and alter our mental blueprints.

While there are ongoing arguments about whether mental blueprints can be passed down like DNA from our family lineage, there is no definitive evidence to support this at present. And based on my experience mental blueprints can be changed especially those causing anguish and keeping us from getting what we want out of our life.

Mental blueprints can be laid early in life. They can be influenced by many things but a common theme is the environment we grew up in - family, or lack of, especially.

I'm not necessarily talking about major abuse here, although that lays solid mental blueprints that can last for life if left unchecked. And there are also good blueprints we have learnt but people don't come to see me about changing positive blueprints - just the negative ones.

Can you give me an example Erika?

Okay. Here's a common one. Being a parent is tough and wanting the best for your children is natural. You want them to be healthy, athletic, smart and loving. Not much to ask is it?

Well, it's not unknown to be a little critical and slipping into comparisons of other kids or family members when talking with your children. But if this becomes a theme then the child comes to expect criticism not matter what they do or achieve.

Eventually as the child moves into adolescent and beyond into adulthood they have a mental blueprint they're not good enough or everything they try fails. It becomes a self-esteem issue, which follows them into work and relationships.

You can see how this can be damaging to anybody and get in the way of their dreams and wishes.

Not everybody who has experienced critical parents or other family members is destined for low self-esteem - but it does impact many.

Getting mental blueprints changed takes work and many people seek help. CBT - Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Hypnosis are both effective in providing help in overcoming negative mental blueprints.

Contact CBT therapists and Hypnotists to determine if either of these therapists can help you.

I go into more depth about Mental Blueprints and how to overcome them in a recent article at my resource website here >>>

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