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How to Put Your Goals on Autopilot

The full article of this except first appeared on my blog as The Goal Behind the Goal and How to Put Them on Autopilot here >>>

In this excerpt I'm going to focus on what to do once you've got your goal established.

Read the full article if you feel you struggle with the process of setting a goal. And when I say struggle I don't mean the mechanics of a goal but actually deciding the right goals for you. If you've ever got a goal and then been disappointed when you've achieved it - kinda let down - then there is most likely a problem with your goal setting process. Same if you've set a goal but no matter what you do it has alluded you over the years - again, something going on here you should pay attention to.

But let's move on and assume you have a goal that once achieved will make you happy, proud, and rich - or at least one of these.

So you have your goal and it's time to figure out how to achieve it - Right?

STOP. You've missed a step. Before you go any further you need to be able to describe to anybody who asks what is the purpose behind your goal?

This is important as the purpose behind your goal is what gets your mind and energy excited. It's also critical for obtaining the "buy-in" from your unconscious (subconscious) mind. You see your unconscious mind will prove to be your best ally in achieving your goal. Describing the purpose behind your goal allows your unconscious mind to figure out ways of getting you to your purpose.

Words are important.., especially those you speak to yourself.

Your unconscious mind reacts better to describing how you will feel once you get your goal. Feeling is all important as many people set a goal of getting something material such as a car or house or marriage, but what they're really seeking is a feeling. The feeling they'll get when they sit in an expensive sports car, or large 4-bedroom house on a lake or beach, or when they meet somebody they love.

These are just examples, but maybe closer to home to what you want would be goals such as quit smoking, losing weight or getting fit. Again, I'd challenged you to describe the purpose which if you dig deep enough would reveal the feeling you're after.

But how Erika do I know when I've got to the purpose and feeling - you ask me?

Here's a simple trick. Ask yourself "why" until you can't answer that question any longer. So if you decide to go on a diet ask yourself why you want to go on a diet? When you have the answer write it down and then repeat the why question to that answer... and so on until you truly can't answer the "why" question anymore.

At this point you've likely reached the real purpose on why you want to go on a diet. It could really be to lose weight so you can fit into a pair of 10-year-old jeans in your closet, or it could be about achieving some emotional gap you feel you have.

Just do the exercise and be open to where it takes you and the answer you get. For this is the answer to program into your unconscious mind. Once you've done this then your unconscious mind will work 24x7 to get you the goal you want!

You'll have effectively put your goal on autopilot so to speak.

How do you program the goal into your unconscious mind?

Just the fact you've described your purpose can be enough. But if you're still struggling then hypnosis is the best way of programming as it talks directly to your unconscious mind bypassing the clutter of your conscious mind.

There are self-hypnosis products specially designed to help with programming your subconscious mind with your intent, or you can seek out the services of a professional hypnotist.

Let me know if this has been useful to you by leaving a comment below.

Erika Slater
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