Sunday, March 20, 2016

Three Steps to a Healthy You

If you're reading this blog then chances are your health is important to you - both physical and mental.

You see the things I help people with mostly relate to health issues such as losing weight, quitting smoking, relieving stress and anxiety. These all effect health and this is why most people come to see me as a hypnotist.

Here is a three step process you can use to begin to get on the road to be healthy which should be top of mind for everybody.

Step One is all about taking inventory of your health today, and knowing where you want to get to so you can decide on the changes you need to make.

Step Two is about committing to the changes you want and practice the mindset shifts you need to make to get those changes you’ve identified in step one.

Step Three is the final part. Everything up until now has really been preparation. This step is all about action and making the changes stick.

I bet you're looking at this now and saying.... "That's a lot of work Erika."

Yes, it is. I didn't promise "simple or easy" in the title did I?

You see that's a lot of the problem we have with getting healthy. It can be involved and even messy at times but also... a large commitment. But it's worth it.

To go deeper into the topic I've written a more in-depth article about these three steps and exactly how to go about these three steps so you come out of it with a plan for moving forward.

I also discuss ways about keeping on the path during step three, and where to get help.

I've even included a resource section at the end for further reading and where you'll get alternative views and ideas.

I hope you enjoy the article and use it as springboard to getting back on track to being healthy if you feel.. and we all do from time to time... life has got in the way and you've wandered off-course a bit.

Here's your sign to get back on track... it's too important for you not to...

To read my blog post on three steps to getting to a healthier you and making it stick click here >>>

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